5 Make-Up Trends For The New Year

The new year approaches and with it will come the usual shifts in trends – out with the old wardrobe, in with the new, out with the old look, in with the most innovative one on the market. Just so you’re prepared for at least one area of change and can add the appropriate cosmetics to your New year list, here are five hot new make-up looks that will be sweeping in next year…

Make-Up Trends

1. Nude & Natural

The natural look is once again set to dominate Make-Up Trends in 2022. This style is both simple and elegant, gently accentuating your natural beauty with quiet glamour. For the best effect, go for a small amount of foundation, making the skin clean, smooth and flawless.

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Then add a subtle blush of an autumnal shade – stick to browns, reds and oranges. Then all you need is a stroke of mascara and a dab of natural-toned lipsticks – or no lipstick at all if you’re being brave! For a slightly bolder natural look, replace autumnal blushes with a brighter pink and add some colour to your lips. Try this when you’re dating for the perfect mix of smart and casual.

2. Emboldened Eyebrows

For those with naturally unruly eyebrows, it’s your lucky year! Thick, bold and deliberately accentuated eyebrows are definitely in for early 2022.

Using a pencil, draw a contour on the upper line of your eyebrow, then blend downward, using brown eyeshadow to hide any unwanted marks. Keep the rest of your make-up very low key; match your foundation to skin complexion and don’t apply mascara.

3. Triangular Eyes

Creating two small triangles of eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes is one bold make-up trend predicted for the new year.

The shading extends from the inner corner of the eye up to the brow, goes along the brow and meets back up with the corner to create a dazzling triangle of colour. This can be as bold or as mild as you like: try dark blues for big nights out and subtle silvers for the office.

4. Look-at-me Lips

Bright, eye-catching lips are also set to storm the fashion world of 2022. Top shades for maximum attention-grabbing charisma include: pink, red, orange and violet. Use a lip liner and draw slightly outside your natural lip outline for a full and luscious look.

Applying a lip balm and a see-through powder before applying the lipstick will lock the colour better on to your lips for that truly polished finish. Use mascara and mild blush, but little else – you want your lips to make their statement!

5. Simply Smokin’

Whether you’re in Manchester dating or in London dating, the smoky look is always a hit. And guess what – it’s another top Make-Up Trends for 2022.

Use a black eyeshadow in the outer corner of your eye and above the lid, and then add a different shade on the lid itself. Deep greys and blues work particularly well as this other shade. Use a black eye pencil below and blur it slightly for a truly stunning smoky style.

Juggle all of these looks for a fab and fashionable make-up style this 2022!