What Beauty Secrets Do Women Hide From Men?

Women have many beauty secrets that they hide from their partners, but there’s something that they do to a tiny spot on their bodies that mortifies them more than any other part of their secretive beauty routines.

What Beauty Secrets Do Women Hide From Men?

It’s a quick fix that only takes a few seconds, so it’s easy enough to hide. It’s also on a part of the body that most guys probably don’t pay a lot of attention to. So what is this most embarrassing of beauty secrets? It’s toe shaving!

What Beauty Secrets Do Women Hide From Men

That’s right—according to Female First, the biggest beauty secret women hide from men is that they remove hair from their tootsies. On a recent list of the top 20 beauty secrets women hide from men, toe shaving finished right in front of removing chin hair, plucking weird body hairs, and waxing/dying mustaches.

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It’s kind of odd that women are so focused on toes since men are much more likely to notice a mustache (unless they have a foot fetish, of course). Women also don’t want men to know that they have to remove hard skin from their feet.

This one is understandable since it is kinda gross to think of those flakes of foot skin flying everywhere when you use a pumice stone. Other beauty secrets include wearing body slimming underwear, plucking eyebrows and nose hairs, cutting toe nails, and wearing chicken cutlets.

The chicken cutlet thing is a toughie to keep secret—your guy is going to wonder where your boobs go every time you’re braless. It seems that women are ashamed of body hair more than anything else, and this might be because it’s associated with masculinity—it’s socially acceptable for guys to have hair pretty much anywhere.

Maybe women think that it makes them seem more feminine when they can fool their mates into thinking that they’re just naturally hairless in all the right places. However, wouldn’t it be better if guys knew about all the effort that women put into being aesthetically pleasing to them? The gals definitely deserve a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T for going through so much trouble while their guys get to sport hairy butts and unibrows.

If you want your guy to look at you in awe for everything you do, here’s an idea: Make him get a bikini wax.