Deli Hours at Publix 2023 Open and Close

Publix, more than a mere grocery store, is a haven for food lovers. The deli section, a fragrant wonderland, boasts sandwiches, cheeses, and desserts that tantalize taste buds.

Yet, the key to this flavor treasure trove is often overlooked: deli hours at publix. In this guide, we’ll explore these hours, revealing how they can turn your shopping trip into a culinary adventure. Get ready to savor the journey into the world of Publix deli hours.

Deli Hours at Publix

Publix Deli: A Taste of Excellence

A. Highlighting the quality of deli products

Publix is renowned for quality, and its deli department is no exception. Here, excellence is the norm. At the counter, you’re greeted by a selection of meats and cheeses, meticulously sourced and expertly prepared.

Each meat slice showcases Publix’s deli team’s artistry, offering not just superb flavor but also the ideal thickness. Their cheeses, a connoisseur’s dream, span textures and tastes from creamy brie to sharp cheddar.

The commitment to quality shines in every bite, making Publix’s deli a top choice for discerning palates.

B. Popular deli items at Publix

Exploring Publix’s deli, you’ll find crowd-pleasers that keep customers returning. The “Pub Subs,” with fresh-baked bread, premium meats, and various toppings, are legendary.

The Chicken Tender Pub Sub, in particular, is a cult favorite, featuring succulent, hand-breaded chicken tenders with customizable fixings.

Beyond subs, Publix’s deli boasts finger foods, salads, and a tempting selection of olives and antipasti.

C. Why Publix deli stands out

Publix’s deli stands out not just for its products but for its devoted team. These staff members are more than employees; they’re passionate food enthusiasts who take pride in their craft.

Always ready to offer recommendations and samples, they ensure each visit is memorable. This commitment to excellence and customer service elevates Publix’s deli to a league of its own.

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or seeking a quick, delicious meal, Publix’s deli blends quality and passion, creating an unmatched culinary experience.

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Deli Hours at Publix: The Key to a Smooth Visit

Publix deli hours

A. Planning Ahead for Delightful Dining

Imagine a bustling weekday evening, your taste buds yearning for Publix’s famous Chicken Tender Pub Subs. But here’s the catch – you’re unsure if the deli is open.

That’s where knowing deli hours at publix comes in handy. Planning your visit means you won’t miss out on your favorite deli treats.

Be it a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner, understanding the deli’s hours lets you satisfy your cravings on your terms.

B. Regular Publix deli hours

Publix HoursStarting HoursClosing Hours
Monday07:00 AM10:00 PM
Tuesday07:00 AM10:00 PM
Wednesday07:00 AM10:00 PM
Thursday07:00 AM10:00 PM
Friday07:00 AM10:00 PM

C. Publix Deli Weekend Hours

Publix HoursStarting HoursClosing Hours
Saturday07:00 AM10:00 PM
Sunday07:00 AM10:00 PM

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Few disappointments match arriving at Publix, eager and hungry, only to find the deli closed. Knowing deli hours at publix is your secret weapon against disappointment.

It spares you from the annoyance of a wasted trip and ensures your taste buds are rewarded. With accurate hours, you can confidently plan your shopping and dining, making the most of your visit.

D. How deli hours may vary by location

Publix operates a vast network of stores across regions, and deli hours can vary slightly depending on the location.

While most stores follow a standard schedule, factors like local demand and community preferences influence deli hours.

Your neighborhood Publix may have different hours than one in another town. So, it’s crucial to check specific deli hours for your chosen Publix, especially when exploring a new area or traveling.

Understanding the convenience of knowing deli hours at publix elevates your shopping experience and ensures you enjoy your favorite flavors precisely when you crave them.

In the next section, we’ll explore various ways to access accurate deli hours and stay updated with any changes, ensuring your Publix deli adventure is always a success.

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Finding Publix Deli Hours

A. Official Publix Website and Mobile App

In our fast-paced digital era, quick information access is a breeze, and uncovering deli hours at publix is no different.

A dependable and user-friendly method is visiting Publix’s official website or using their Android app & Apple store.

They keep this essential info at your fingertips for easy deli planning. The website and app offer a simple interface where you can enter your location or select your preferred store.

In just a few clicks or taps, you’ll get precise deli hours for your chosen Publix. Perfect for modern shoppers valuing efficiency and accuracy.

B. Alternative Methods for Checking Hours

While the website and app excel, non-digital folks have options to check deli hours at publix. Dialing your local Publix store is a trusty method.

Their friendly associates are always ready to assist, offering deli hours and additional info.

Plus, some Publix stores display deli hours on entrance doors, keeping you informed before stepping in. Choose the method aligning with your preferences and lifestyle.

C. Staying Updated with Changes

Even Publix occasionally adjusts deli hours due to holidays, events, or unexpected events. To stay informed and avoid surprises, follow these tips.

Sign up for Publix’s newsletter or follow their social media accounts for timely updates and hour changes.

If you’re a frequent visitor, bookmark the deli hours page on the Publix website or save it in your app.

Always double-check hours before special trips, especially during non-standard hours or holidays.

D. Publix Deli Customer Services

  • Customer Support Number: 800-242-1227
  • Contact Form:
  • Customer Care: PO Box 407 Lakeland, FL 33802-0407
  • Customer Services Hours
  • Monday – Friday 9 am – 6 pm (EDT)
  • Saturday 9 am-noon (EDT)

Special Services and Offers

A. Exploring Publix deli catering options

Publix, known for its culinary excellence, extends its expertise to catering, making your events unforgettable.

Whether it’s a party, corporate meeting, or social gathering, Publix deli catering is a must-consider choice.

From sumptuous sub platters to custom creations, their diverse catering menu suits any occasion. Elevate your event with Publix’s extraordinary flavors.

B. Save and Savor with Deli Promotions

Publix understands the joy of savings while savoring delicious food. Look out for deli promotions and discounts on your favorite items.

Enjoy “buy one, get one free” deals or limited-time offers like the famous Chicken Tender Pub Subs. It’s the perfect incentive to explore new flavors or indulge in trusted classics.

C. Seasonal and Limited-Time Delights

Publix’s deli goes beyond expectations, offering seasonal and limited-time creations that keep customers excited.

From holiday feasts to themed sandwiches and salads, Publix’s deli showcases creativity and dedication to fresh, exciting flavors.

If you enjoy trying something new or savoring holiday specials, Publix’s deli will keep you coming back for more.

Whether you’re planning an event, seeking enticing discounts, or eager to explore seasonal flavors, Publix’s deli is your destination for culinary excellence.

Stay tuned for real customer stories in the next section, adding a personal touch to this flavorful journey.

Customer Experiences

Sharing anecdotes from Publix customers

The success of any culinary spot is measured through customer experiences, and Publix’s deli is no exception. Stories from customers of all backgrounds showcase the deli’s significance.

Imagine a tired traveler finding southern hospitality in a Publix smile during a road trip or a busy parent finding solace in a quick, fresh sub on a hectic weeknight. These anecdotes reveal the deli’s impact beyond satisfying hunger.

The role of deli hours in their experiences

Deli hours play a pivotal role in creating memorable experiences. Think of a last-minute family picnic saved by the deli’s evening hours or the joy of surprising a loved one with their favorite sub thanks to precise deli hours. Deli hours aren’t just numbers; they craft special moments from ordinary days.

Real-life scenarios and testimonials

Meet Sarah, a working mom who relies on Publix’s deli hours for stress-free family dinners. For her, knowing when the deli is open means planning visits after work, ensuring hot, fresh subs.

Then there’s Mark, a road warrior who counts on Publix for satisfying cravings during long drives. Extended deli hours at a nearby Publix once saved his dinner.

These real-life scenarios and testimonials illustrate the genuine impact of Publix deli hours on customers’ lives.

Stay tuned for practical tips in the next section on optimizing your deli visit, including the best times to go, ordering options, and etiquette for a pleasant experience. Enhance your Publix deli adventures with valuable insights.

Publix Deli Hours FAQs

As you explore Publix deli hours, it’s natural to have questions. Let’s tackle some common queries:

Q1: Are deli hours the same at all Publix stores?
A1: Deli hours may vary by location. Always check your specific store’s hours, especially if it’s a new branch.

Q2: How do I find deli hours for my local Publix?
A2: Visit the official Publix website or app, enter your location or store, and access precise deli hours. Or call your store.

Q3: Do deli hours change for holidays or special events?
A3: Yes, they may. Check holiday hours on the Publix website or contact your store in advance.

Q4: Can I order deli items online or in advance?
A4: Yes, easily order online via Publix’s website or app to skip the line and pick up at your preferred time.

Q5: What about dietary restrictions or preferences?
A5: Publix’s deli team is here to help. Ask them for guidance or customization based on your needs.

Navigating deli hours at publix is simple with these answers. Always verify your store’s hours, plan for holidays, and enjoy online ordering for convenience. Publix’s commitment to customer service ensures a delightful deli experience.

In the next section, we’ll wrap up our exploration of Publix deli hours, emphasizing their importance and encouraging you to embark on flavorful adventures.


In the world of culinary adventures, knowing deli hours at publix may seem small, but it’s the key to indulging in your favorite subs and cheeses exactly when you crave them.

It adds convenience and joy to your dining experiences, catering to busy professionals, on-the-go parents, and food enthusiasts.

Take your knowledge of deli hours at publix and plan your next visit with confidence, be it a quick lunch, family dinner, or special event. Accurate hours empower you to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary ones, one delicious bite at a time.

In our fast-paced lives, convenience is precious, and Publix’s deli knows it well. It blends quality with accessibility, culinary passion with top-notch service. It’s a place where you can savor life’s flavors without hassle.

Publix deli hours are the key, ensuring your cravings are met with a smile, your events shine with exceptional catering, and culinary adventures are always within reach.

Here’s to Publix deli’s convenience, where each visit promises nourishment and delightful experiences.

May your future visits brim with mouthwatering subs, gourmet cheeses, and southern hospitality. Until next time, happy dining!