Best Africa Movies on Netflix 2022

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There are many Africa movies available on Netflix. Here is a list of the best ones you can watch. You can also watch the original African series, like Niobe, which was produced in Nigeria and is set in a buffer zone.

Africa Movies on Netflix

It follows a young boy named Agu, who is caught in the middle of a rebellion and is forced to flee his village. But, the circumstances force him to stay and he decides to make the most of his situation.

30 Africa Movies on Netflix 2022

  1. Queen of Katwe
  2. King of Boys
  3. Queen Sono
  4. October 1
  5. Just In Time
  6. Jiva
  7. The Mystic River
  8. Mokalik
  9. A Trip to Jamaica
  10. Agent
  11. Potato potahto
  12. Òlòtūré
  13. Beast of No Nation
  14. Lion Heart
  15. The Boy who Harnessed the wind
  16. Azali
  17. Catching feelings
  18. Sons of Caliphate
  19. Atlantics
  20. Fifty (The series)
  21. Vaya
  22. 40 and Single
  23. Cook-off
  24. A United Kingdom
  25. Castle & Castle
  26. The Burial Of Kojo
  27. Kalushi
  28. Baxi and the Giants
  29. The wedding party
  30. Journey of an African Colony

The movie tells the story of William Kamkwamba, a natural engineer with a passion for science. After learning about wind energy in the school library, he is convinced to build a wind-generated dynamo that will bring water to the surface.

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The film’s story is based on the book of the same name by Malawian author Chinweyi. It is available on Netflix.

Another movie to watch on Netflix is “The Man from Ebonyland” from the renowned producer Mo Abudu. Originally produced on a tiny budget during the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe, the film is now a high-quality production.

It features the talented writer/director Tomas Brickhill, who also stars in the film. Streaming this movie on Netflix means you can watch these films in high-definition.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth story, try O Menino Dos, directed by Portuguese filmmaker Kenneth Gyang. The film’s main characters are young girls who are sex workers in the streets of Lagos. This satirical comedy follows the lives of a group of teenage boys.

You can watch your favorite movies in your spare time by using the best headset so that the sound produced is like in the cinema.

The story is told in both English and the local Malawian dialect. This is a great option for people interested in the region’s history.

The Queen of Katwe is based on the book by Tim Crothers and stars Rosamund Pike. It tells the story of an African chess grandmaster, and the world’s first female chess master was raised in the Katwe slum.

Despite her challenges, she eventually becomes the queen of Bechuanaland. She is also the mother of an orphan, who will grow up in the slum.

In addition to dramas, Africa has several documentaries. In The Queen of Katwe, the film’s heroine is an aspiring master of the chess game.

The title character is a chess grandmaster, and the movie stars unknown actors. It’s also worth watching a documentary about the lives of mountain gorillas, who live in the slum, and the conflicts of rival kingdoms.

The Queen of Katwe is based on Tim Crothers’ book and stars Rosamund Pike as a young African chess grandmaster. This film is about the struggle of a young woman in Uganda to fight against the injustices of the world.

The Queen of Katwe is a compelling movie for those who love history. The characters are real and the landscape is stunning. In addition to chess, there are other Africa movies available on Netflix.