Snowfall Weather Forecast Massachusetts

Snowfall weather forecast massachusetts – On Saturday, a snowstorm dropped two feet of snow on areas of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

The severe winter storm pummeled most of the East Coast all day, dumping heavy snow that made travel dangerous or impossible.

The storm wreaked havoc on sections of ten states, with blizzard warnings extending from Virginia to Maine, but Boston was particularly vulnerable. The city may get more than 2 feet of snow by the time the storm passes through early Sunday.

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A massive winter storm is wreaking havoc on the area, with the National Weather Service warning that “near record snowfall, blizzard conditions, near hurricane force wind gusts, and coastal flooding” are on the way until Saturday evening.

A Winter Storm Warning is in force for most of Massachusetts until early Sunday morning, and the National Weather Service has issued a Blizzard Warning for the eastern half of the state until early Sunday morning as well.

“Road conditions will make travel almost difficult!” the weather agency said on Saturday. “It is highly recommended that you do not travel.”

Snowfall Weather Forecast Massachusetts

With 23.6 inches of snow falling on Saturday, NBC10 Boston meteorologist Pete Bouchard stated late Saturday night that Boston has equaled its record for the most snow in a single day (Note: not storm total).

But it was Stoughton that hit the jackpot, with a 30.9 percent chance of rain, according to the National Weather Service “a blanket of snow

The National Weather Service reported some of the highest totals by state as of 8:30 p.m. Saturday, including more than 30″ in Sharon, Mass., almost 25″ in Warren, Rhode Island; more than 21″ in Groton, Connecticut; 18″ in Brunswick, Maine; and more than 13″ in Portland, Maine “in the town of Rye, New Hampshire.

snowfall weather forecast massachusetts
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While we didn’t break any of the major records in Boston, this storm will go down in history:

The 29th of January saw a record amount of snowfall. In 1928, the previous record was 3.7 inches (kind of a lame record, I know)
Boston saw its second-largest blizzard in January history. It fell barely short of the 24.6-inch storm on Jan. 27, 2015.
Boston’s seventh-largest blizzard of all time (in any month). It came 4.1 inches short of the 27.6 inches that fell in February 2003, which was the highest on the list.
With 35.9 inches of snow this month, January 2022 will tie for fourth place with January 1978 as the snowiest January on record.

Boston has received 36.3 inches of snow this season, more than a foot more than the usual. This winter has been absolutely insane, with two days, January 7th and January 29th, receiving 97 percent of the total snowfall for the whole season.

To break it down even further, you might claim that 97 percent of Boston’s snowfall this season has fallen in only 15 hours! Incredible!


Thanks to a semi-stationary, powerful snow band that dumped 1-to-3″ per hour for much of the day, this storm hit the jackpot just south of Boston. Sharon, Whitman, Rockland, and Norton all got over two feet of snow, with some receiving over 30 inches! Not to be outdone, the North Shore put up some impressive numbers as well. Several communities north of Boston, including Swampscott and Danvers, received more than 2 feet of snow. (Sc: CBS Boston).